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Draft Climate Action Plan | Goals and Strategies
Draft Climate Action Plan | Goals and Strategies
What are your thoughts on the goals and strategies in the draft Climate Action Plan?

The regional Climate Action Plan will provide a regional community blueprint for action that dramatically reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports a thriving community that can adapt and bounce forward from climate-related threats.

Over the past few months, the Mid-America Regional Council and Climate Action KC have worked to bring together broad and diverse community perspectives and technical expertise to develop a set of goals and actions that comprise the Climate Action Plan. Thank you to this Mindmixer community for sharing your ideas and providing direction for the plan!

We're in the home stretch and would like additional feedback on the draft strategies.

To get started, please visit marc.org/climateaction (link in topic details tab above) and find the links to a video overview and a table of actions (download).

More Info:
MARC Climate Action | Video and Table of Actions

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