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SHARE YOUR VISION: Your community's Resilience Hub
SHARE YOUR VISION: Your community's Resilience Hub
What is your vision for your community's resiliency hub?
SHARE YOUR VISION: Your community's Resilience Hub

Think about your particular community (neighborhood, city, etc.) and the future climate-related impacts you may face. If you and members of your community were to design and operate your own resilience hub, what would it look like? What services could people access there in a time of need? How would it support social connections?

What is a resilience hub?
Resilience Hubs are community-serving facilities augmented to support residents, coordinate communication, distribute resources, and reduce carbon pollution while enhancing quality of life. Hubs can meet a myriad of physical and social goals by utilizing a trusted physical space such as a community center, recreation facility, or multi-family housing building as well as the surrounding infrastructure such as a vacant lot, community park, or local business. They provide an opportunity to effectively work at the nexus of community resilience, emergency management, climate change mitigation, and social equity while also providing opportunities for communities to become more self-determining, socially connected, and successful before, during, and after disruptions. Resilience Hubs serve communities in three operating conditions: Normal (>99% of the time), Disruption, and Recovery.

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